18th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics 29th August - 1st September, Paris, France

Call for Case Reports

Business Informatics is a fertile ground for research with the potential for immense and tangible impact. As a field of study, it endeavors to take a systematic and analytic approach in aligning core concepts from management science, organizational science, economics, information science, and informatics into an integrated engineering science.
The goal of the CBI series of conferences is to bring together researchers and practitioners and stimulate discussion, synergy and integration of their respective research results and activities in the following domains: Case Reports
We welcome reports on practical cases related to the scope of the conference.

Presentation & publication
Accepted case reports should be presented at the CBI 2016 conference.
At least one author of an accepted case report will be asked to register for the conference and to present the work in a corresponding conference session. (Please, see the details about registration fees and procedure: http://cbi2016.cnam.fr/registration.php)
The accepted case reports will be included in the CEUR on-line workshop proceedings (http://ceur-ws.org/) of the CBI conference.

To Prepare a Case Report
See the Guidelines for Authors

A coach will be appointed to help you prepare the final version of your paper.

We use flexible submission timeline, with multiple submission waves. An initially rejected case report can be resubmitted (based on feedback from the reviewers) for a later deadline. The final version of accepted case study reports should be submitted by July 31st, 2016.

Submission Guidelines
Papers should be sent in MS-Word format to gil.regev@epfl.ch
Submissions should include title, authors, and full contact information.

CBI 2016 Industrial Track Presentations
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- Wegmann Presentation
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